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Travel formalities in canada

Tourists in Canada can stay up to six months from their date of entry, providing they are entering from a qualifying country. You can check with Canada Immigration and Customs to see how long you may lawfully stay. It is always a good idea to have a valid return ticket when visiting Canada. This way, CIC knows that you do not plan to stay illegally.

Most countries are the same in these regulations. If you are traveling to Canada by land or sea, you will not need an ETA but there is other paperwork which will apply - for instance, your passport.

Students and those who wish to conduct business in Canada will need to apply for a special visa to do so prior to their arrival in Canada. Coming to Canada for one reason and changing what your activities are while in the country is not allowed and may result in deportation. For instance, you cannot tell the border agents you are coming to visit as a tourist and then enroll in school or conduct business activities. As long as you are honest about your intentions and straightforward with government officials, you should have no trouble at all visiting Canada for pleasure or any other authorized reason.


How To Request an ETA for Travel in Canada ?

The Government of Canada now requires travelers coming into the country by air who are visa-exempt foreign nationals to have an Electronic Travel Authorization. According to the government's application site, most applications are approved within minutes. Exceptions to this include US citizens and those with a valid Canadian Visa. There is a leniency period until September 29, 2016. If you are traveling by sea or land, those entry requirements have not changed. It is only those who wish to travel by air that will need an ETA.

That is because Canada is their home country, and thus they do not need permission to re-enter it. You can take the questionnaire in the language of your choice, and it asks for information such as the country of your passport, if you are traveling by air, if you fit any special circumstances such as "A visitor entering Canada by land or sea". The form will also ask how much you have available (funds) for your trip and other questions that are directly relevant for the time you intend to spend in the country, and your plans while there.

ETA Information

There may be an exemption visa in certain circumstances, or other documents which you will need to apply for. The ETA information at the website can list reasons you may be denied an ETA, or other paperwork which you need to bring with you on your trip.

The Visa ETA works like an advanced screening before you reach Canadian Customs, Immigration, and Border Control in Canada. It is intended to make your flight, and entering the country, more secure because those who do not qualify to enter will no longer be allowed to board the flight. If there is a reason you do not qualify to travel to Canada, you would not need to be deported at a cost, you would find out at your home airport. While this seldom happens, an ETA can give you peace of mind that you have the documents you need, in order, to get to Canada.

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