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Since March 2016 it is mandatory to apply for ETA form before traveling to Canada. An electronic travel authorization



Travel to the country of Canada easily and safely in accordance with the flight formalities.


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A section on Canada news for tourists , business travel , Canadian citizens or new immigrants.

If you are traveling by air to visit Canada, you may need an ETA or Electronic Travel Visa. This form provides a sort of pre-screening before you board your airplane at home, so that if you did not qualify to enter Canada, you will be turned away while in your home country at your airport, instead of making the journey to Canada and then being deported on the next plane going back. Most who apply for an ETA will receive one without any problems, and the decision is often made within minutes of applying.

How to Visit Canada

There are lots of ways to visit Canada and have full authorization to do so. Immigration in Canada are simply trying to help travelers enter the country legally and have the most success in their endeavours. For instance, as a tourist you may be asked where you are staying, and how much you have in dollars or pounds to use during your trip. A business visitor may be eligible to come and stay in Canada longer than a tourist if they are sponsored or accepted into a specific program. An application citizenship will generally not be possible until you have lived in Canada for five years continuously (minus short vacations yearly).

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